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Attorney Liens: Possession of Cash Is Not Always the End of the Story

In re Venincasa, 601 B.R. 296 (Bankr. D. Mass 2019) – A law firm sought relief from the automatic stay so that it could release funds held in its IOLTA account to pay itself fees owed by the debtor. The chapter … Continue reading

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Sheriff’s Fees: Surprise, a Commission May Be Due for a Foreclosure Sale That Did Not Take Place

Dobin v. Golden (In re Smith), 599 B.R. 266 (Bankr. D. N.J.) – A chapter 7 trustee brought an adversary proceeding objecting to (1) a claim filed by a sheriff for a commission based on a prebankruptcy foreclosure sale that does … Continue reading

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Liquor License Sales: Who Gets the Money?

In re Aqua Pesca, LLC, 588 B.R. 241 (Bankr. D. Alaska 2018) – A chapter 7 trustee sought bankruptcy court authorization to distribute proceeds from the sale of a liquor license. The trustee proposed to distribute proceeds pro rata to creditors … Continue reading

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Mortgage Loans: Beware Time Bars on Enforcing a Note or Mortgage

In re Eastman, 588 B.R. 600 (Bankr. D. Colo. 2018) – A chapter 13 debtor objected to the proof of claim filed by a mortgagee. The primary issue was whether the applicable statute of limitations precluded recovery of delinquent payments that … Continue reading

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Construction Payments: Can A Debtor Grab the Money?

Insite Corp. v. Walsh Constr. Co. Puerto Rico, 906 F.3d 139 (1st Cir. 2018) – A debtor subcontractor sought to recover progress payments it claimed were due from a general contractor. The general contractor argued that the debtor did not have … Continue reading

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Valuing a Secured Claim: Who Knew That Retail Price Could Be So Elusive

21st Mortgage Corp. v. Glenn (In re Glenn), 900 F.3d 187 (5th Cir. 2018) – In valuing a mobile home for purposes of determining the amount of a secured claim for a chapter 13 plan, the bankruptcy court declined to include … Continue reading

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Disallowed Claims: Just Because a Claim Is Rejected Does Not Mean the Underlying Lien Disappears

Shoemake v. SN Servicing Corp., 586 B.R. 741 (M.D. Tenn. 2018) – Chapter 13 debtors brought an adversary proceeding against mortgage loan servicers (1) seeking a determination that a deed of trust lien was extinguished when a proof of claim filed … Continue reading

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