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Reopening a Case: Who Can Upset the Apple Cart?

Plant Materials, LLC v. Alliance Consulting Group, LLC, 596 B.R. 851 (S.D. Miss. 2019) – A contractor that installed a sand screen at a drying facility previously owned by the debtor that was sold “free and clear” in its bankruptcy filed … Continue reading

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Appeals of “Sale” Orders: Sometimes They Are Moot and Sometimes They Are Not

Fenicle v. Energy Future Holdings Corp. (In re Energy Future Holding Corp.), 596 B.R. 473 (D. Del. 2019) – Parties representing “Unmanifested Asbestos Claims” sought to appeal a bankruptcy court order confirming a plan of reorganization that included a sale of … Continue reading

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Avoiding Mortgages: Not All Typos Are Fatal

Fuhrman v. Wilmington Sav. Fund Society FSB (In re Fuhrman), 596 B.R. 343 (Bankr. E.D. Mich. 2018) – A chapter 13 debtor sought disallowance of a mortgage claim based on an error in the mortgage legal description. The lender moved to … Continue reading

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Order in Aid of Sale of a Business: Can the Court Enjoin a Debtor from Competing with the Purchaser?

Butler v. Wojtkun (In re Wojtkun), 596 B.R. 74 (D. Mass. 2019) – To facilitate the sale of a debtor’s dental practice, a chapter 7 trustee sought issuance of a noncompetition injunction against the debtor. The bankruptcy court declined to issue … Continue reading

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Debt Recharacterization, Etc.: Standing, Standing and More Standing

Elswick Co., LLC v. Comm2013 CCRE12 Crossings Mall Road LLC (In re Tara Retail Group, LLC), 595 B.R. 215 (Bankr. N.D. W.Va. 2018) – An unsecured tenant creditor brought an adversary proceeding to recharacterize or equitably subordinate a $17 million claim … Continue reading

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