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Chapter 7 Discharge: When Is In Rem Not In Rem?

In re Jackson 554 B.R. 156 (BAP 6th Cir. 2016) – At the request of a chapter 7 debtor, the bankruptcy court reopened his case and sanctioned the debtor’s condominium association for violating his discharge. On appeal the Bankruptcy Appellate … Continue reading

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Authorizing a Bankruptcy: When Is a Vote Not Really a Vote?

In re Intervention Energy Holdings, LLC, 553 B.R. 258 (Bankr. D. Del. 2016) – A creditor objected to the bankruptcy filing of a limited liability company on the basis that the filing was unauthorized. Specifically, under the LLC’s operating agreement … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Sales: “Free and Clear” Is Not Necessarily a Free Pass

Encanto Restaurants, Inc. v. Luis S Aquino Vidal (In Re Cousins Int’l. Food Corp.), 553 B.R. 197 (Bankr. D. Puerto Rico 2016)) – A Chapter 11 debtor sold two restaurants under a bankruptcy sale order that provided that the sale … Continue reading

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Ordinary Course Preference Defense: How Hard Can You Push to Get Paid?

Satija v. C-T Plaster, Inc. (In re Sterry Industries, Inc.), 553 B.R. 96 (Bankr. W.D. Tex.. 2016) – “Summers are hot in Texas, so pools are a hot item. But not hot enough to help a pool installer named Sterry … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy Sales: Free and Clear Could Be Clearer

In re Love, 553 B.R. 54 (Bankr. D. S.C. 2016) – Chapter 13 debtors filed a motion seeking authority to sell 5 acres of real property free and clear of a mortgage covering the property. The mortgagee objected.

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