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Sale Free and Clear of Lease: The Battle Between Section 363 and Section 365

Pinnacle Restaurant at Big Sky, LLC v. CH SP Acquisitions, LLC (In re Spanish Peaks Holdings II, LLC), 862 F.3d 1148 (9th Cir 2017) – The buyer of substantially all of the debtor’s real and personal property moved for an … Continue reading

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Trustee Abandonment: Abandon Not Hope but A Home of Inconsequential Value

Jahn v. Burke (In re Burke), 863 F.3d 521 (6th Cir. 2017) – After a chapter 7 trustee moved to evict the debtors from their residence, the debtors moved to compel the trustee to abandon the property, arguing that the market … Continue reading

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Chapter 13 Debtors: Do Not Take It For Granted That a Chapter 13 Debtor Can Exercise Trustee Powers

Andrade v. Essenfeld (In re Andrade), 570 B.R. 121 (Bankr. D. Mass. 2017) – The debtor owned real estate with her brother and sister as tenants-in-common. After she filed bankruptcy, she sought authority to sell both her interests and the interests … Continue reading

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Assignment of Rents: Who Has What Interests?

Town Center Flats, LLC v. ECP Commercial II LLC (In re Town Center Flats, LLC), 855 F.3d 721 (6th Cir. 2017) – A commercial mortgagee exercised its assignment of rents prior to bankruptcy. After it then commenced a foreclosure action, the … Continue reading

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Asset Protection: Legitimate Planning or Fraudulent Transfer Based on Actual Intent to Hinder or Delay Creditors (Who Knows)?

Wiggains v. Reed (In re Wiggains), 848 F.3d 655 (5th Cir. 2017) – A chapter 7 trustee sought to avoid a pre-petition partition of community property as a fraudulent transfer. The bankruptcy court ruled in favor of the trustee. After sale … Continue reading

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