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Limited Liability Companies: Do Not Confuse an LLC’s Membership Interests with Its Underlying Assets

In re Gialamas, 606 B.R. 798 (Bankr. W.D. Wisc. 2019) – A judgment creditor sought relief from the automatic stay and abandonment with respect to a strip mall shopping center. The motions referred to “real estate.” However, the strip mall was … Continue reading

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Rents: What Happens to Unclaimed Rents Collected from Property That Is Abandoned?

In re Pena, 600 B.R. 415 (9th Cir. BAP 2019) – Well over a year after a bankruptcy case was closed, the debtor filed an application with the bankruptcy court seeking to recover unclaimed rent from deed of trust property that … Continue reading

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Chapter 7 Sale: Debtor Out of Luck Unless Property Is Abandoned

In re Mejia, 576 B.R. 464 (Bankr. S.D.N.Y. 2017) – A chapter 7 debtor sought bankruptcy court approval to sell property in a section 363 sale. The trustee filed an untimely objection on the grounds that a chapter 7 debtor must … Continue reading

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Abandonment: What Does It Take to Show Substantial Value?

Gill v. Kirresh (In re Gill), 574 B.R. 709 (9th Cir. BAP 2017) – A debtor moved to compel a chapter 7 trustee to abandon residential property on the basis that it was of inconsequential value to the bankruptcy estate. The … Continue reading

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